Things You Should Clean But Aren’t

June 3, 2018
Things You Should Clean But Aren’t
By admin

We have talked about cleaning mistakes and what is the right way to clean and use the right tools. When we are on with our typical cleaning schedules, we remember to vacuum, run our dishwasher and washing machine and wipe down kitchen counter. But there are few things that are constantly being used but often forgotten or neglected when it comes to cleaning.

Neglect and you are inviting diseases. Here are such 10 items you may forget to clean but you really, really ought to clean:

  1. Can opener

You use it and then just wipe it and that’s all it gets and thrown into drawer. But they can become hotspots for harmful germs which can get transferred to other cans that you will open later on. If possible throw it into the dishwasher or clean using hot soapy water and let it air dry before tossing it back into drawer.


  1. Reusable grocery bags

Using reusable bags are good for environment but they can be host to multiple germs and bacteria, especially when you use it carry raw fish and meat. bacteria such as E. coli from outside of food packages attach themselves to the bag and then transferred into other foods you are filling in the bag. Launder these Reusable grocery bags once a week just like you wash your clothes. Turn them inside out before tossing them into your washing machine.


  1. Dish drying rack

Do you ever bother to clean the rack you’re drying your clean dishes on? You are placing clean but wet dishes into the dish rack. Water drips left untouched can cause mold and mildew. Want your dishes to stay clean then clean your dish drying rack as well. Avoid water pool in the drip tray and clean your drying rack of grime. Wash it like a dish with soap and hot water weekly. Make sure to reach deep inside the utensil holder, using a toothbrush to get into every corner.


  1. Hair brush

For beautiful hair, you are careful in choosing the right shampoo, conditioner and other hair product, but do you ever think about cleaning your hairbrush. Hairbrush picks up dead skin cells, grease, dust particles, and hair product residue every time you run hairbrush through your hair. So for a healthy scalp and great hair, you should be cleaning your hair brush, too. It doesn’t take much time to clean your hairbrush. Just soak the brush in bowl of hot water after removing hair strands and scrubbing with toothbrush with a few drops of shampoo. Don’t submerge any part of the soft cushion as this may cause mold. Leave your brush, bristles down, to air dry over the sink.


  1. Your car’s steering wheel and buttons

When you’re out and about, you are touching different surfaces. You’ll  wash your hands once you get home but what about your car’s steering wheel. You are touching them directly after you’ve touched different surfaces. And if you don’t clean them, every time you are behind the wheel, your hands are laden with all those bacteria you gather before again and again no matter how much you wash your hands. Use leather cleaner for your leather upholstery of steering wheel. Wipe with disinfectant if it’s plastic and make sure to get everything your hands touch — including the gearshift.


  1. Your home’s door locks and keys

Have you ever thrown a bit of disinfectant spray and a cloth on your house’s front door locks, or the keys you carry around with you? You probably should.


  1. The wall behind the trash can

You don’t always make a perfect shot straight into the trash can, do you? You remember to wipe, mop, sweep your floors near your trash can if something fell off your trash can and even clean your trash can to avoid bacteria and germs breeding. But have you ever washed the wall behind the trash can? Don’t forget to do the same to the wall behind the can which can collect icky splatters and smears.


  1. Light bulbs and light fixtures

Old-fashioned electric light bulbs may burn out after a period of time so cleaning them wasn’t high on the list. But now we use newer, cleaner and energy efficient LEDs which are long lasting. And so they are bound to collect a thick layer of dust before they burn out and becoming a fire hazard. Get rid of the dead critters by regularly cleaning out overhead light fixtures and floor lamps. It’s a gross job, but someone has to do it.


  1. Pillows

Dust mites and their waste can make a pillow double its weight in just two years. Plus, we know you’re drooling allover your pillow as you sleep. Add that to the hair and skin cells you shed night after night and you’re in for a disgusting wasteland of decaying organic material right where you lay your head. Launder your pillows with a gentle detergent and make sure to get all the detergent out and dry them thoroughly.


  1. The Walls

You remember to  sweep and mop  your floors and wash your windows. But the walls need to be cleaned as well. Walls suffer multiple hand prints, dust, spills, and any germs present in the house, yet most people don’t think to clean their walls. You’ll be surprised what a good cleaning can do for walls — it may even look like you’ve repainted the walls. Get rid of grimy handprints and scuff marks with a simple wash job.