Spring Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

June 3, 2018
Spring Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid
By admin

Spring cleaning is much hyped annual cleaning session. You perform this deep cleaning to cleanse your home from all those dirt and dust brought to your home by winter months and festivities.  You should never, however, treat this as collection of everyday cleaning jobs carried out on a single day.

Spring cleaning theme is a fresh start so cleanse and organize so that your home is clean for the rest of the year. Spring cleaning is a big task so it needs detailed planning for a successful result.

Here are some spring cleaning mistakes you ought to know so that you don’t make them.


Not having a plan

Spring cleaning is big by any job standards. You are planning to deep clean your entire home. So it is only tempting to go from room to room cleaning anything that is obviously dirty. But this will only get you derailed – you are cleaning one thing and see another space that needs cleaning and move to that space. That leaves you with nothing but half cleaned jobs all over the house.

The best way to go about is to have a plan in mind. Make a list of what room to clean and what you need to do each room and in which order and stick with it. You are deep cleaning your home so your cleaning must go beyond scrubbing. Don’t get derailed from your list, if any other task pops up, write them down. You should also plan who’s doing what, and give each job its own time slot. Finally, you will need to make a list of all the products and tools you need.


Trying to get it all done in a day or weekend

Many people try to squeeze in as many cleaning tasks as possible in a single day or weekend, when the simple truth is that spring cleaning should take as long as it takes. Deep cleaning is already a big project and spring cleaning is a big job by any standards. You are tackling not only cleaning your home, but also going through garage, basement, attic, moving or dismantling furniture, etc. so it definitely takes more t than a day or full weekend.

Creating deadlines only makes you feel overwhelmed and you will end up taking shortcuts only to result in inferior results. Take the time you need to get it done right. You’ll feel accomplished and relieved once it’s done.


Not decluttering

Many of us hold onto possession with the thought “just in case” and end up with stacks of boxes that haven’t been opened for years. This will only makes it harder for yourself, creating complex cleaning jobs. Get rid of unnecessary items in your home and start your spring clean with organizing things. Start with the easy things, sorting every item into one of three piles: a “keep” pile, a “get rid of” pile, and a “not sure” pile.


Letting go more than needed

It is a good idea to let go off your emotional attachment with items. But, do not let go of too many things at one go. Spread this over a period of time so that you do not end up completely emptying your house. Before you hastily donate that old watch or vase that’s been tucked away in the back of the cupboard for years, make sure it’s not an antique that’s worth real money.


Cleaning in the wrong order

Plan your spring cleaning project or you may accidentally make already-clean surface dirty while tackling next dirty one. If your floor is sparkling clean and you haven’t tackled that stunning light fixture covered in dust, then all that effort will have gone to waste. As you enter, begin your cleaning order from the top to bottom such as shelves, then countertops, then floors and moving around the room in a circle.


Cleaning with the Wrong Tools

Most of us would just start their spring cleaning with whatever tools and cleanser we have at hand. This isn’t always the best idea. Cleaning with insufficient or wrong tools will not only result in inferior results but also make job harder and time-consuming and sometimes may destroy finishes. When you’re planning your spring cleaning list, make sure you have the right tools and cleansers and in sufficient amount. Make sure you know which materials are best for cleaning the things in your home and have those items on hand.

Brooms, mops, buckets, a good amount of cleaning cloths, appropriate cleaning liquids, scrubs are just some of the right tools needed to get any cleaning task done and done efficiently. Two must-haves are: microfiber cloths and a vacuum with attachments.


Going at it alone

There’s a lot of work involved in doing a thorough, deep clean. Tackling many tasks yourself will make things exceptionally slow and tedious. And if this happens, you’re more likely to take shortcuts or quit altogether. Delegate some of the work to other family members. After all, everyone contributes to dirt and mess. What may take you days or even weeks to do, can be accomplished in less time with more hands.


Avoiding the Difficult Deep Cleaning

Do not be complacent. Act responsibly and clean every space difficult to reach thoroughly. Do not avoid such spaces because this is the exact reason why they are left unattended every time you decide to clean. That means scrubbing away at the stuck-on-grease from the cabinets above your stovetop, and getting into the nooks and crannies and hard-to-reach places.


Scrubbing too soon

Most cleaning products need to sit for several minutes to work and clean properly. But too many people simply spray and wipe without giving time for cleaning agents to work. Plan your cleaning order in such a way that you spray certain surfaces and move onto different jobs and when you return you can clean those greasy surfaces with much ease.


Waiting Until Spring

You don’t have to wait for spring cleaning to begin those deep cleaning session. Yes you are busy and don’t want to devote your precious spring weekend to cleaning and organizing your home. But devoting just an hour or two daily to clean your home little by little, putting stuff away, means your home never gets to a point where it needs a deep clean. You will not have heaps of cleaning tasks at the end of the year when you finally decide to spring clean.

One last thing: Don’t forget to clean your cleaning tools! If you’re taking the same cleaning rag or mop from room to room, you’re bringing germs along with it.


As spring brings in new blooms and fresh start, your spring cleaning session also means you’re getting rid of dirt, grime and germs from your home brought along by winter months. By avoiding these cleaning mistakes, you will have your home clean for the rest of the year and you’ll be healthier and feeling great.